The united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland и. П. Агабекян Английский язык для ссузов; стр. 102-103 Или в интернете - файл

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И.П. Агабекян Английский язык для ССУЗов ; стр. 102-103


Sparta.e аgabekyanangliyskiyyazyik-spo , стр. 121-122


Page 104 in the textbook or page 122-123 Sparta.e аgabekyanangliyskiyyazyik-spo

Exercise 1. Ознакомьтесь со словами к тексту и выучите новые слова.


the text on page 102-103 in the textbook or page 121-122 in the Internet: Sparta.e аgabekyanangliyskiyyazyik-spo

Exercise 2. Read the text and translate it in writing.

Прочитайте и переведите текст письменно.

Exercise 3. Find the answers to the following questions in writing. Translate the questions into Russian.

Найдите ответы на вопросы и напишите их. Сами вопросы переведите на русский язык. Письменно!

1)What are the names of the islands situated to the west of the continent of Europe?

2) What parts does the island of Great Britain consist of?

3) What is the official name of Great Britain?

4) What is the territory and the population of Great Britain?

5) Name the seas and oceans the country is washed by.

6) How are the people living in the UK called?

7) Why is the climate of the British Isles moderate?

8) What are the longest and most important rivers in the UK?

9) What goods does the British industry produce?

10) What is the capital of the country?

11) What type of state is the UK?

12) Who rules the country in fact?

13) What is the name of the Queen of Great Britain?

14) How many chambers does the British Parliament consist of? What are they?

15) What are the main political parties in Great Britain?

Exercise 4. Write what this figures refer to in the text.

Напишите к чему в тексте относятся данные цифры. Письменно!

244 000, 3, 18, 56 000 000, 4

Exercise 5 . Repeat the material “Degrees of comparison”, p. 67-69 in the textbook.

Повторите грамматический материал «Степени сравнения прилагательных», учебник Агабекяна «Английский язык для ССУЗов», стр. 67-69 или в Интернете по указанной выше ссылке на стр. 77-79.

Exercise 6. Open the brackets and use the adjective in corresponding degree of comparison.

Откройте скобки и напишите прилагательное в соответствующей степени сравнения. Письменно!

  1. The (large) island is known as Great Britain, the (small) is Ireland.

  2. The (high) mountain in Scotland is Ben Nevis.

  3. The (long) river in Great Britain is the Severn, the Thames is (important).

  4. The arctic zone has (cold) climate.

  5. The (narrow) part of the English Channel is called the Strait of Dover.

  6. Among the Russian lakes (deep) is the Baikal.

  7. These two and 5.500 (small) islands form the British Isles.

Exercise 6. Make up sentences about Russia and Great Britain using the verbs in the appropriate form.

Составьте предложения о России и Великобритании, используя глаголы в соответствующей форме. Напишите их. Письменно!

НАПРИМЕР : Russia covers half of Europe.

to occupy

many forests

to consist of

mild climate

Great Britain

to border on

seas and oceans

to be washed by

a vast territory


to be covered with

four main parts

to have

different countries

to be surrounded by

four climatic zones

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