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Конспект урока английского языка в 10 классе по теме Extreme sports
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Конспект урока Extreme Sports, 10 класс

Пермь, МАОУ СОШ № 109

Учитель: Жакова Е.Л.

Lesson Plan Extreme Sports
For the students of the 10th form
Objectives of the lesson:
1. To develop reading and speaking and listening skills on the given topic.

2. To practice the learners in word-building.

3. To raise the learners' interest in extreme sports.

4. To develop cooperation between the students in a team work.
I. Warming -up
T: I look fantastic and feel great. I'm very active today. Guess, why is it so?

The students give their ideas and the teacher concludes that she does snowboarding.

T: Let us name these sports.
II. Pre-reading discussion.
In groups of 4 the learners give their own ideas why people do

extreme sports. After the discussion the presenter of every group

Introduces the ideas.
III. While - reading activity.
Read the text "Extreme Sports " and do the paraphrasing. Find the

equivalents in the text and share with your partner:


I've never done extreme sports and never really intended to, I have some friends who are very fond and interested in them though. I was always wondering what it is that makes people regularly risk their own lives for a short adrenaline buzz, so I interviewed a few people on their opinions on extreme sports.

The first person I talked to about it was my friend Peter. Here's what he said:

'Personally I don't understand why they do it. Maybe it's like a drug, they do it for the first time just because some of their friends said it was great and then end up being addicted to it. The more they do them the more they want to do it again. Or probably they start doing it because they want to show how strong and courageous they are and then end up liking it and as I've said before become addicted. I'd never try anything like that, I'm addicted to safety.'
I was having a conversation with a girl called Anna the other day. What she said was this:

'I'm just dying to dying to do BASE-jumping. All my friends do it. It's a relatively new sport, BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span (bridge) and earth (cliffs). Jumpers leap from stationery objects and deploy a parachute. Unlike skydiving, no aircraft is involved. They've said it's a feeling nothing can be compared to, in a short period of time you experience so much. They go almost every month, I think they're obsessed. Even though it's pretty dangerous I'm not a least bit scared, the only problem is my parents - I'm afraid they will not let me do it.'
Then I spoke to my relative Michael who is a lot older than me. He is interested in extreme sports so I wanted to know his opinion.

'I work in a bank and I can't say it's a particularly exciting job. You often want a change. You get bored with e-mails, faxes, deadlines, work challenges. I found the perfect escape in skydiving. When I do it all my personal problems go away, and when I get back to real life they don't seem that bad anymore. And to add up to that skydiving is an ultimate thrill and a real pleasure. I've also made a lot of friends who share the same passion. I'd never abandon it. Never.'

Whatever you say Michael. Now it's clearer to me why people do extreme sports. I started to understand them better. But it definitely doesn't mean I'm going to do it. Too scared, and as well as Peter, I am addicted to safety.
IV. Post - reading activity.
a) We are going to have a competition now between 3 teams. Complete the table with the proper parts of speech.





to act





to strengthen



to please

b) Role-play between two teams.
You are 2 groups: optimists and pessimists. Think of the list of arguments for and against and share the opinions in debate. (The teacher writes down the arguments in 2 columns on the blackboard.)
V.Speaking on the topic.
T: Would you like to try any extreme sport? Now you are to describe the sport you would like /wouldn't like to try. Don't name the kind of sport and your friends will try to guess it.
The students listen to their friends' stories attentively and guess.
VI. Reflecting.
1. What activity was the most interesting for you?

2. What difficulties have you experienced?

3. What new facts have you known,?

4. Do you like team work?
VII. Home-task.
Write down "For and against" essay about extreme sports on the topic “Why do people risk?”
Go to the site and have some fun

Some useful sites:


http://www. extremeists.com.au


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