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  1. The managers reported to have attracted more than four million consumers to companys website.

Что(они) привлекли-привлекать

  1. Having calculated the profit ,the share holders decided to sell shares of the plant.


  1. Выберите из группы предложений то, в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдат. залоге.

The project will be finished the end of the year.

  1. If sales drop further, they… in serious financial difficulty.

Will be

  1. Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующ. Вопросительному предложению : In wich three areas… new investment, necessary 2 years ago ?


  1. If interest rates are increasing, bank loans…more expensive

Will become

  1. I”d like you to conclude the contract in the near future

Я бы хотел ,чтобы вы заключили контракт в ближайшем будущем

  1. To make price higher we must improve the quality of goods

Чтобы увеличить

  1. Last year we… our fifth con secutive year of growth with $98 million in net profit


  1. If we hadn”t offered a lower price, we… the contract

Would have lost

  1. If we didn”t have to cut jobs, the trade unions…much more happier

Would be

  1. Выберите из группы предложений то,в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

This year more than a million dollars is being spent on advertising

  1. We are sure of having inversted in new machinery.


  1. Выберите из группы предложений то, в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

Fifty retail outlets have been closed over the last year.

  1. Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующую вопросительному предложению: Why… many companies relocating to the suburbs now?

? Are

  1. The company is sponsoring an extreme sports event to raise their profile

Чтобы повысить

  1. Show me the list of experts working out this project


18. Выберите из группы предложений то,в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

I”ll be shown roung the factory, and then I’ll meet the sales team

  1. The new Chief Executive promised to turn around the company’s reputation in the coming year


20. There are a lot of changes being made in new department after a merger

Которые делаются

21.Выберите из группы предложений то,в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

The information should be analyzed by the marketing department

22. They wanted us to make decision

они хотели,чтобы мы приняли решение

23. Working more on the project is the only chance to succeed


24. Each program is tested after having been introduced in to system


25. If that happens our market share… down

Will go

26. I assume the problem to be rather difficult but we must solve it

Я полагаю,что эта проблема довольно трудная,но мы должны ее решить

27. The goods being advertised are not of higt quality


28. At the moment we… for a new brand that suggests something about the proproduct”s benefits and gualities

Are looking for ward

28. We…rush in to a new parther ship too quickly


29.Выберите из группы предложений то,в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

Your order can”t be shipped until we receive pay ment

30. To cut costs Auzic Bank is now comsidering a number of options

Чтобы снизить

31 . Our company … money by selling shares in companies when their share price is high


32.Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующую вопросительному предложению : What …the disadvantage of offering a license to susan Lii?


33. Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующую вопросительному предложению:In which three areas… new inverstment necessary 2 years ago?


34 Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующую вопросительному предложению:The Chief Executire has concluded that the bank needs to reduce costs… not he?


35 .All goods are known to be produced by our firm

- известно .что все товары производятся нашей фирмой

37. If company makes change,staff…to provide their own car for business use

Will have

38. Government departments produce information influeneing the rate of inflation


39. By the end of the year we…over 20 complaints about ou salesman

Had received

40 I saw her make excellent quality control in the factory

Я видел ,как она проводила блестящий контроль качества на заводе

41. Выберите из группы предложений то, в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

Your idea will be discaussed in the meeting

42. IF sales inereased, the Director … happier

Would be

43. He was looking through the mail received the day before


44. If you have something to sell , you… place an advert in the local newspaper


45. Fair trade was designed to reduce the injustices of the word trading system

Чтобы сократить

46. We sent the catalogues and all detailed information to the address indicated


47. Earnings per share… a company’s profit divided by the number of its shares


48.Выберите форму глагола ,соответствующую вопросительному предложению…the marketing deportment always keep within its budget?


49.Выберите из группы предложений то,в котором сказуемое выражено глаголом в страдательном залоге

I’m afraid the goods were damaged in transit

50.Выберите форму глагола,соответствующую вопросительному предложению: Why … you very interested in the training course?


51. Having compared their advertising compaign to competitos; one,the invested a lot of money on creating nev slogans


52. We seem to have focused on every detail of production

Кажется,нам надо было сосредоточиться на каждой детали производства

53. The team… be experienced enough by now


54. Выберите форму глагола , соответствующую вопросительному предложению : … you normally check your bank statements and credit card bills?


55. Our bisiness… by 10 % last year


56. If interest rates are increasing , bank loans…more expensive

Will become

57. If we got a virus on the network,we…all our data

Would lose

58. Just recently, we …in to negotiations with Macy’s department stores

Have entered

59. They… pay thil bills on time in future


60. Выберите форму глагола, соответствующую вопросительному предложению … your company have to relocate if the other side of the city next month?


61. They are unlikely to ban advert.

Маловероятно ,что они захотят рекламму

62. Branch managers insisted on being told the result

Чтобы им сообщили

63. The board didn’t mind changing its policy on product testing


64. You begin checking the machinery by reviewing the quality procedures


65. I’m having an interview to morrow . I … to beat the office at 3p.m


66. Reducing the number of employees is the best way to stay profitable in the current economic climate.


67. We’ll give you a bigger discount, if you…yoor order


68. I … to yesterday to get some money


69. Выберите форму глагола , соотвеьствующую вопросительному предложению: … the senior managers spend a lot of money training staft in the new business methods last year?


70.The total amount of information to be investigates is called universe.


71. If future, staft… to go through a barrier where they insert an identity card

Will have

72. The decision involves reducing our heavy losses


73. Выберите форму глагола , соответствующую вопросительному предложению :… your boss already left when you arrived?


74. If that happens our market share…down .

Will go

75. The agency continued to promote despite poor sales


76. A leater… be able to comnmenicaite with his people


77. If I had known about their financial problems i… business with them

Wouldn’t have done

78. The process of solving a problem by analogy may often give good results


79. The marketing team wants the company hierarchy to be Changed

Команда маркетинга хочет,чтобы иерархию компании изменили

80. We usually … brands that say something


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