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Our University

The Ufa State Aircraft Technical University in on the center of our city in Karl Marks street. Our university was founded in 1932 in Rybinsk. During the Great Patriotic War it was moved to Ufa. Now it is the biggest higher educational establishment in our republic. The students study at two departments: daytime and evening. The daytime department comprising 7 faculties. At present about 10000 students are trained at our university. At Our University there are 50 chairs, the academic staff of the chairs consist of about 600 scholars, teachers and lecturers, professors and associate professors. Most of them combine teaching and scientific research. Our graduates may take a postgraduate course to get the candidate of science degree. The University disposes of numerous tutorial rooms, lecture halls and studies.

My future profession

I’m a second year student of the Informatics & robotics department of the Ufa state Aircraft Technical University. I’ll finish the university in five years and I’ll become a engineer-programmer. Our main task is to become a good specialist and to develop different hardware and software complexes. So gaining knowledge is important in my future work. As a future engineer I should be attentive, accurate and skilled. I shall have to use various methods of programming. I’m expecting to be a well educated person. I study general subjects, such as philosophy, English, sociology. But special subject is more important for my future work. It’s programming, calculate mathematics, discrete mathematics, data bases and other. To become a master of my profession I must work hard.


Internet is a computer-based worldwide information network. It consists of a large number of the smaller interconnected networks. Internet is decentralized system. Each connected can communicate with anyone else on the Internet, or to use any public resources available in it, to publish any documents and ideas, to sell or to buy products and online goods and services. The Internet is based on the number of protocols and services. It is first of all TCP/IP protocol stack. HTTP protocol is used to retrieve a hypertext, graphics, audio and video and other media-content. SMTP/POP3 allows to send and to receive an e-mail. XML/web-services give an great opportunity for developers to make the powerful client-server applications.

The ways of using Internet is amazingly great. It can be used in business for providing access to complex database. With Internet it is possible to get education materials of any subject. Internet is great entertainment platform: play games with you friends, watch a movie or listen you favorite song. Potential of Internet seems to be unlimited. I think the future is behind the Internet.

Computers at work applications

Computers make all modern communications possible. They operate telephony, radio and television broadcasts. Local and wide area networks link a companies and its departments, universities and just simple users all over the world.

Computers are used by scientists and researchers to perform a hard calculations and to build simulations and exact models.

Computers in an industry take a great part in manufacturing, planning, operating assembly lines and controlling robots.

Government agencies are often use supercomputers for such tasks as research, breaking security codes, interpreting date from spy satellites, and targeting missiles.

Computers have proved to be a valuable education tools.

The Internet allows to find any education material for almost any subject.

Nowadays computer video games become a very interesting and attractive. The constantly improving graphics and sound make them very popular.


Computer viruses is uninvited programs that run an your computer surreptitiously usually causing damage to your files, programs, operation system or software, entire HDD and even some types of hardware. Many viruses propagate themselves thought the diskettes, shared files, documents, e-mails, news groups and others.

Computer viruses do not arise spontaneously – they are made not born.

To make simple virus is not a hard thing to do. There are special programs calls “virus creator” in order to build your own viruses that base on a major version.

To write something really new and remarkable programmers should have some extra knowledge and skills.

Really powerful and dangerous viruses are usually written on assembler and seldom on c/c++ and Pascal. Writing assembler makes sense since programs are much smaller and therefore more robust.

Nowadays there are a lot of office applications that have built-in macro languages, ant that’s why they have a good chance to become base of virus development.


Microsoft is the only large company in the world that has no competitors. Only Microsoft could grasp giant market violating no law. But it disturbed market traditions. In every sector of the economy each major company has at least one major firm-competitor. But Microsoft is singular.

Now Microsoft is a leader on the world software market. It is transnational corporation with departments almost in every country. Software from Microsoft used at least in 50% computers all over the worlds. Microsoft’s brands are in almost every kind of software or even hardware. Server products, office systems, systems for home users – all of it is in Microsoft sphere of activity.

The reason of Microsoft’s great success is Bill gates. His almost supernatural talent to foretell the market’s future is well known. For example, in 1990 Gates declared new conception – information of your fingertips – and now it become reality. There is almost any information one could want is in network. In 1995 Gates foretold of development on pocket computers, car-computers and others – and now, look, information can be accessible almost anywhere.

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