Дипломный проект - Лабораторная модель КАМ-16 - файл n10.doc

Дипломный проект - Лабораторная модель КАМ-16
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In this diploma work virtual modal 16 positional quadrate amplitude modulation (QAM-16) is investigated.

On the base of this model you can observe and analyze processes of signals turning happening in the separate knots and windings of modulator and demodulator.

Convenience of this basic is possibility of turning of virtual oscillograph to any points of system creation that allows to investigate the level and the form of signals and also mutual position of signals in different points, in the case of use of many-entering oscillograph. Changing of parameters of given conditions gives possibility to analyze changing of processes by changing of entering informational signal.

Also influence of different preventing influences on the process of data’s transferring with help of QAM-16 is investigated.

On this stage laboratory work is worked out allowing more detailed to study the work of a system.
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