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ARC+ Progress 3.01 Release notes
© 1997-2002 ACA Europe
  Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. System Requirements
  3. Installation instructions
  4. What’s New in ARC+ Progress 3

1. Introduction
  Welcome to ARC+ Progress 3, the complete 3D CAD software for architectural 
  design and drafting. This chapter will lead you through the strides ARC+ 
  Progress has taken in this new version.
  ARC+ Progress 3 offers a range of new features and improvements that allow 
  you to work, more precisely and efficiently.

  This new release of ARC+ Progress 3 offers you more than 80 corrections and
  updated functions according to users requests.

2. System Requirements
  Microsoft® Windows 2000, Microsoft® Windows XP
  PC Pentium III 800 Mhz minimum
  RAM 128 Mb minimum
  Hard disk 20 Gb minimum
  CDROM drive
  3 buttons Wheel Mouse

3. Installation instructions
  New passwords are required for the new release of ARC+ Progress 3 and 
  ARC+ Render Pro 8. To obtain new passwords, please contact your local dealer.
  The installation process copies all necessary files on your selected hard 
  drive. You can choose optional modules :
  	- Digitizer setup
  	- Texture files for rendering mode
  	- Bonus object libraries
  The default folder for installation is "C:\Progress 3". This could be changed
  during setup process.
  If you already have an existing version of ARC+ installed, we recommend to 
  keep it as it is until ARC+ Progress 3 is up and running.
  If you have a specific configuration with your existing ARC+, you can recover 
  your personnal data (\arcalib, \work) from your older version and copy it to 
  the "C:\Progress 3" folder.
  When ARC+ Progress 3 is up and running with your personnal data, you can 
  erase your older version of ARC+.  
  In case of trouble with your protection key, we recommend to check that the 
  type of key you have is identical to the type of key that you have selected 
  during installation process.

4. What’s New in ARC+ Progress 3
Polygons and Solids:
- Create Cylinder Or Surface Polygon With Radius Input	 Revision
  The improvement to the existing command of Circle/Cylinder  (\pcyl) now  
  allows you to create a cylinder or surface circular polygon with radius as 
  input after you have specified the center of the entity.
- Changing Heights Of Selected Walls 	Revision
  This improvement to the earlier command, Update height (\uwalz), allows you 
  to change height of several selected walls. If you have chosen a set of walls 
  to update their heights and the command is launched, the option to update the 
  selected walls is prompted for. On picking that option, the selected set of 
  walls will be updated to the given new height values.
- Changing Sill Height Of Selected Openings	Revision
  This improvement to the earlier command Change height above floor (\oplevel) 
  allows you to change sill height of several selected openings. If you have 
  chosen a set of openings to update the sill height of and the command is 
  launched, the option to update the selected openings is prompted for. On 
  picking that option, the selected set of openings will be updated to the new 
  sill  height value.
- Model Files Transparent Open and Save	New
  The ARC+ Progress now permits opening files of the recognized formats of 
  *.iii, *.dmp, *.gs1, *.dxf, *.dwg transparently from the Open  (\open)  
  command or icon. The saving of files to one of these formats is also 
  transparently permitted from the Save  (\save) or Save as  (\saveas) command 
  or icon.
- Open Two Control Windows	New
  This new option Open XY and YZ View Controls  (\winset 1 w)  generates a xy 
  and a yz view control window, directly adjacent to each other. This enhances 
  the control over 3D viewing with instant access to two control windows.
Plotting & Printing:
- Simplified Screen Capture 	Revision 
  The improvement to the existing command of Screen Capture  (\grabs), sets the 
  image capture format automatically to the type of mode the ARC+ Progress 
  model is in. 
  The command now saves to the formats of:
  	-	If in Render Mode : save in TGA format.
  	-	If in Solid Mode :  save in  PCX format.
- Updated To New DWF Version 	Revision 
  The conversion to WHIP format is updated to the new DWF version 
  specifications. The DWF output is also compatible to and viewable in the 
  Autodesk Volo View Express.
- All Selection Operations are Enabled 	New
  Now all the selection operations are enabled in the DSG mode also.
- Move Frames in DSG Dynamically 	New 
  A new option in DSG mode, Edit Sheet, Move frame by dragging (\dmovedrg), 
  permits you to pick the frame and dynamically reposition it anywhere in the  
  drawing sheet.
  You can dynamically manipulate the DSG frame by the different standard 
  options of the drag command: ALT 1/2, 0/3/4, 5/6 ,7 ,8  for symmetry, 
  rotation, enlargement, and reset to original setting.
- Surface Polygons 	Revision 
  It is now possible to apply the boolean operations, manipulations and polygon 
  editions on the surface polygons. The text on their surfaces is automatically 
  updated accordingly.
- Edit a Source File in DSG Mode 	New 
  It is now possible to directly open the source file of any placed object or 
  DSG frame. For this just place the cursor over the element and do a right 
  click. In the menu that pops up, select the option “Open source file”. 
  A dialog to obtain the choice of opening the source file in the same session 
  or in a new ARC+ Progress session shall appear.If you choose to open it in 
  the current one, the system prompts you for saving the file.
  The editing of a source file in a separated session will be visible on 
  regeneration where this file is placed as an object in a model or frame in a 
- New Coordinates Toolbar 	New
  ARC+ Progress 3 includes a new coordinate toolbar, which now allows you to 
  enter coordinates dynamically and lock or unlock the level of each working 
- New About Dialog	New
  The ARC+ Progress 3 now contains a new « About » dialog box, with updated 
  communication links, and other relevant information.
  The new dialog box now offers you the licencing information and the password 
  entry edit box. It also offers a direct access to the ARC+ Progress help file 
  from the index button .
- Dynamic Zoom and Pan	New 
  ARC+ Progress integrates the standard functionality of middle button 
  scrolling to zoom the view on display. The mouse middle button activates the 
  dynamic Zoom or Pan.
Productivity Tools:
- New Dialog Box to Fill the Polygons	Revision
  The fill toolbar has been improved and presents an easier interface, from the 
  last version.
- Rubber Arcs 	New
  This new feature extends the existing rubber banding for straight lines to 
  arcs and circles. This helps the user to choose a precise final point by 
  dynamically showing the entity as it would be drawn. This pertains to the 
  commands Arc by 3 points (\arc), Polygon arc by 3 points (\parc), Set of Arcs 
  (\prcir), Wall Arc by 3 points (\wa3p), or Angle of Arc (\anga), Between two 
  lines (\angle), help Arc by 3 points (\harc),. 
- Parallel Help Lines 	New
  This new feature provides a fast tool to create several parallel help lines 
  with the help of a single command. This feature permits creating multiple 
  parallel lines by various methods to enable you to create the set of layout 
  guide lines faster.
- Attach Hyperlink to Entities 	New 
  This feature permits attaching attribute of hyperlink to any entity selected 
  in the model. The attached hyperlink can then be activated later by clicking 
  on the entity.
Texts and Dimensions:	
- Test Blocks Improvement 	Revision
  The text block command has been extended by the possibility to re-scale and 
  rotate dynamically the block before it is finally placed in the drawing when 
  clicking the position point.
  For this, use the usual options that are available with the placed object 
  manipulation and that can be invoked with the hotkey:
  	- Alt+4 : for rotation
  	- Alt+5 or 6 : for scale
  	- Alt+7 : for reset
  	- Alt+8 : for origin
- Parametric Dimension Constraints	New 
  This existing command is now extended for setting the constraints (Lower and 
  Upper limits) of an existing or newly created parametric dimension.
- Explode Entities	New 
  The command to explode entities Explode (\exploder) has been improved to work 
  on a wider range of entity types.
  This improvement now permits you to explode any entity by indication, 
  selection set or the entire model to constituent entities with a single 
New Entities:
- Sphere 	New 
  This function allows the creation of the new entity type of a sphere, as per 
  given options and parameters.
- Sending Model  	New 
  This function allows the user to package the ARC+ Progress model and attach 
  it to any default dispatch device or application like, email or web 
  This feature addresses the specific user requirement of dispatching a 
  complete ARC+ Progress model, by attaching the archived files to the email 
  directly from the ARC+ screen.
- Improvements,  Batch converter and transparent import/export	New
  It is now possible to directly open or save ARC+ files as DXF or DWG files to 
  chose to import/export placed object as Xref or DWG blocs and to 
  import/export several files by batch. 
- Automatic Recognition of the Floor Shape	New
  This option in the roof creation allows ARC+ Progress to recognize the 
  enclosed wall, polygon space and generate the roof accordingly.
- Convert Instantaneously a Specified Polygon	New
  A new command (\pol2roof)  allows ARC+ to set any polygon with the roof 
  attribute. This permits the polygon to act as the boundary to extend all the 
  walls. Thus you can now create any curvilinear closed polygon and set it as a 
  roof. The walls with attribute of "Extend to Roof" will then automatically 
  extend to this polygon. 
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